Thursday, August 26, 2010

Not sure

February? I haven't posted since February? Obviously posting hasn't been on the top of my priority list and right now I'm trying to decide how worth it frequent posting is.

What is my motivation for blogging? Pretending I'm important, thinking people care about my tiny little world? I know the people directly in my life care, but out there in cyber world where there are millions of blogs? Not sure if this is the time in my life to spend hours revamping the look (I can't afford a designer at this time and none of the free templates work for me) or trying to think of something interesting and relevant to say.

Honestly, I'm in a very vulnerable and protective place. Don't want to draw attention to myself or my family given all the trials we are trying to survive.

Maybe when I do get a published book and a readership I'll reconsider a re-launch of the blog.

Right now I need to focus my time on my family, my guard and my book.