Thursday, November 29, 2007

Denver's Finest - in miniature

Kyle had quite the morning! He went to the South Metro Fire Station 35 in Arapahoe County to see fire trucks.

The firefighters allowed Kyle and the other kids to climb in the trucks to see every nook and cranny. One fireman donned his gear to show the kids what firefighters need to protect themselves from fires.

In addition, we got a tour of the station and saw a fireman slide down the pole.

Kyle was a little overwhelmed with the other kids there, but was in total awe of being able to touch a fire truck. He kept whispering, "Truck. Truck," stroking the shiny red paint.

At the end, he got to take home a little fire hat.

The trip was arranged by the agency that provides his physical and occupational therapy services. How cool is that?

Sunday, November 25, 2007

'Tis the season to knit (and do other stuff)

In a way, being ill has been good, at least allowing me time to finish Christmas projects for those living outside the walls of my home.

Knitting is about all I've had energy for the past few weeks (it's still all I really have energy for while feeling sick), but it's productive. On the table you can see Mr. Snakey and The Slug I knitted for my nephew Daniel. I had to chase Kyle around the house to get the snake from him and hide it until I wrapped it. Kyle's snake is my next project. It'll be purple.

The taggie blanket is for my nephew, Daniel, who lives in Philly. Kyle has a taggie, and it's his ultimate obsession along with drums. He won't sleep without it, and demands his "blinkie" when he's tired or not feeling well. He chose the print fabric for Daniel's "blinkie" and hopes Cousin Daniel loves it as much as he does. (It's been Booger tested, Booger approved.
Blogger doesn't flip photos and I don't know how to mess with the html to turn it or even create legitimate captions... hey, I'm a writer, not a computer programmer...

The is the first bear I've ever made. The snake and slug are my first toys. The bear is for my niece, Emillie Hope. (She was the one who became a forever baby a few weeks ago!). Her mom and I have been the very bestest of friends for 13 years!!! Making the bear was quite a challenge. Yes, it was a simple pattern from the internet, but I've never really had to piece things together before and spent time looking up the definition of "oversew". I also got better at correcting mistakes and learned how to knit Continental style. I'm about as fast at is as English style, but with more practice, that will improve.

In the middle of it all, John is dragging out all the Christmas stuff and we are putting up trees and lights. Today I am feeling stronger, so I think I can help with the Christmas tree decorating and putting up some of the knick knacks around the house. Booger doesn't know what to think yet...

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Forever Day and Pig Pizza

Just a quick post. It's been a while and I'll go into that another day...

My "niece" Emily Hope, became a Forever Child yesterday - a little over a year after Kyle.
Check out the pictures.

Also, I've been getting hits on a post I wrote over a year ago about Victory Pig Pizza. People from all over the US who grew up in NEPA (North Eastern Pennsylvania for the clueless), are chiming in about their love of that gooey, cheesy rectangle of pure bliss. I have a feeling there'll be a campaign for shipping to transplants!

My dad, a friend of the Cecolli's (owners) is printing off the comments and taking them to Rich.

Now I'm hungry with a craving I can't satisfy... Ugh.