Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Booger's Magnetic Personality

We knew from the moment we saw him that he's attract any breathing human within visual distance.


Booger's wimpers faded underneath the orange scented rubber mask. The little brown eyes fluttered shut and rolled back into his head. Then they escorted me out.

The fuzzy little head is being imaged by an MRI as I type from The Children's Hospital cafeteria area. Why sit in a boring waiting room for a few hours when I can sit where there's food, coffee and daylight?

No worries - I have one of those restaurant buzzers in my pocket to beckon me back to radiology.

Am I freaked out?


I've had several MRIs on my curly big head, and one a few weeks back on my knee. I know what it's like to go "under" with general anesthesia, and will be doing so come June.

Hospitals used to freak me out. Needles especially.

Now I'm used to it. Doesn't mean I like it, but it's not scary. Hopefully my calm demeanor will assure Kyle he's in good hands and everything will be okay.

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Jan Parrish said...

He sure is a keeper.:)