Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shuffling down the path

Mom received a call a few minutes ago from The Manor nursing home in Kingston, PA. Nana will be moved tomorrow morning.

From what people have told us, this is a good place. Nana will be put in an Alzheimer's Geriatric unit which has professionals who can deal with her unique needs.

Last evening was the first time since she ended up in the hospital a little over a week ago, that Nana didn't know who Mom was. She didn't know who I was either.

"It's quarter after six and we need to leave now. I don't have my stockings! They won't let me go buy a dress and I need to buy dresses. She has my hearing aid (pointing to the blank wall). You have my hearing aid, don't you?"

From there she grew more agitated and wormed and wiggled to the bed rails in attempt to escape. She had a 5.5 to 6 hour journey to "there". And she wasn't about to be late for fear of being fired.

Bending over her bed, I asked her where she was going. Her pale blue eyes stared blankly into space. "School."

My heart plunged to my knees. Sucking in the sides of my cheeks I bit down hard to hold the tears back. I stared and stared into her eyes hoping for some light of recognition. None came.

Madder than a hornet on a face-off with a can of Raid, Nana swung her legs over the edge of the bed. "I'm leaving."

We had to call the nurses to manually pull her back up into her bed so we could go home. I kissed Nana on the forehead and told her I love her.

Somehow, someway, I hope the message gets through.


Inspire said...


I just replied to your post on ACFW's loop. Then I clicked on your blog. I read about 'Nana'. My heart aches for you. I understand completely and utterly what you are going through.

Jan Parrish said...

Darcie, My MIL is not nearly as bad but those moments where she's out of it are so very difficult. Praying for you.