Monday, November 24, 2008

Some evidence of productivity?

Any of you who write know how dinosaurial the publishing industry is. We write, write, write for years then wait some more for a final product.

Last night I over heard my husband's mom asking if there was any news about my book. Exasperated, John told her, "No. Mom, this book stuff can take anywhere from a few months to a few years! I'll just let you know when something happens."


Convincing people you really are a writer is difficult when you have nothing to show. Amazon doesn't know who you are. People start to wonder if you're making things up. Like, is my claiming to write just a cover for my addiction to Discovery Channel and National Geographic?

So, I'm posting a few photos of projects I recently completed. Projects that were daunting at the beginning. Projects I'm gloating over because of the tangible evidence.

Three hours of brushing and de-matting yields more hair than Caleb is big! How the heck does he do that?

My Latvian mittens finished in early October in time for those chilly nights at band competitions. They are 100% wool and VERY warm. My mom has a pair and loves them. Found the pattern on the internet and used double-pointed needles. Fair Isle isn't that hard. If I can do it...

Since then I completed a ribbed scarf and cable-rimmed hat set and started working on a sweater for myself using some nasty old yarn I bought several years ago before I knew what I was doing. Can I say I hate acrylic yarn? Natural fibers are way easier to work with!

Oh, and I read ten YA books in the past month as part of my "unlocking the secrets of the teenage reader psyche" project.


Michele Cushatt said...

Oooooooohhh, look! Caleb had a PUPPY! How exciting. Congratulations!

C.J. Darlington said...

We used to have an Akita/Shepherd mix, and we got this kind of hair off her, too. Isn't it amazing? Wow.

Hey! You could always use Caleb's hair to MAKE the yarn for those mitten!

WordVixen said...

You made those mittens? They're gorgeous!

And CJ's right- using Caleb's hair would be natural fibers... :-) I heard about a lady who knitted sweaters with nothing but fur from her dog/s.

Jan Parrish said...

Great mittens Darcie - lovely and one of a kind - just like you!