Friday, May 08, 2009

Inconspicuous to mugglers?

Part of the whole geocaching thing is being inconspicuous. Don't want muggles to see where the caches are hidden so they can go steal or destroy it.

Pretty easy if you're in the woods, surrounded by rocks and trees. You can hide, or people think you're taking a breather or basking in the view.

In the city it's a different story.

There's this pesky cache titled "Duck Tape" that's located in strip mall retail area. Not many places to hide a micro cache (about the size of a film canister). Thinking I was oh-so clever, I wondered if the name of the cache was a clue. Did I have to duck down to find the darn thing?

Here I am with a orange drink sucking tyke following me around saying, "I wanna go home, Mommy. Do we have to geocache? There's no toys here."

If that wasn't bad enough, bending down with my big bottom up in the air toward passersby had to be the weirdest thing those people have seen in a long time. "Honey, why is that lady feeling around under the electrical box on the side of the store? Gee her butt is big!"

I'm amazed I wasn't arrested.

Not for suspicious behavior, but for grossing out people in cars and kids on skateboards.

Duck. Tape. I tried the "bottom's up" thing and am still scratching my head.

It was only my second attempt to find it. On the log, there are folks who went back seven times!

Wonder if they waggled their bottom round to the innocent folks at Mission Trace.

(My chiropractor's office was facing me and my butt. I'm so glad she didn't look out of her office and see me.)


HeadHardHat said...

Oh that's just the beginning when it comes to geocaching.. Try doing a skirt hide with a nano tucked under... yep... under a skirt of woman statue. A true skirt hide.

Try explaining that one to the muggles.

Jan Parrish said...

But did you find it? I think that would be frustrating...