Friday, November 24, 2006


I really hate the smell of poo. So many veteram moms have told me I'd get used to it. Eight months have passed, Stinker is eating solid foods including meats, and my poo intolerance has increased! It takes every ounce of gumption to make it through a single diaper change without baptising the booger in my most recent meal.

As I was cleaning the kitchen floor, I ran out of Swiffer juice. A run to Wal-Mart was needed. Lined up like soilders at Buckingham Palace were colorful cans of Lysol. It's the stuff that eliminates odors and kills 99.9% of all bacteria. Perfect for use in Booger's room after I change a "stinky one".

Yesterday while changing a very foul mess, I was overcome with a terrible temptation.

I looked over at the can of Lysol standing obediently next to the diaper genie.

Kyle's little butt faced the ceiling as he contemplated the meaning of his toes.

My nose twitched and fought to leave my face to head toward the Botanic Gardens.

What if...

What if I sprayed the Wee One's bottom with Lysol?

Oh, my fingers itched to grab the can and give the little man a "once over" with the "odor eliminating" spray!

But I couldn't.

The effects of Lysol disinfectant spray on bare bottoms is unknown. I don't think Kyle would like to be a test subject.

So after all that, I'm still stuck with the smell of poo.


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Kristine said...

Ok, so this has nothing to do with your post, although I do understand your temptation.

We just saw your group on TV!!!! We were flipping channels and stopped on one of the local pbs stations that had marching bands on and the next band to cme on was Sheridan! So we hit the record button. We can transfer it to VHS for you if you want. Just wanted to share that