Monday, December 04, 2006

Parade of Lights

On a frosty Denver night, the 2A Colorado State Champion Sheridan High School Marching Band made their debut in the 9 News parade of lights. The parade is an annual event bringing Coloradans out in some bone-chilling temps to see lighted floats, balloons (think Macy's T-giving parade) and most importantly, marching bands decked in lights and costumes.
The Sheridan band parents painstakingly attached lights, garland to band uniforms and crafted a few unique costumes and props.

Originally, my guard girls were going to wear Dorothy from the wizard of OZ costumes, but they never showed up. Again, band parents to the rescue! Less than two hours before the parade on Friday, a parent huffed it to Big Lots and bought 10 flannel pajama sets! The costumes were a hit! All along the parade route, adoring fans shouted, "Love them PJ's!" It was great.

Unfortunately, I had to watch them on TV Friday night b/c I was suddenly struck with an evil stomache virus. Amidst the violent shivers, tears of joy and pride rolled down my cheeks as the news anchors said nice things about the band as they marched past the grand stand. I did make it Saturday, and boy it was hard to keep up after being so sick!

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