Sunday, May 06, 2007

How it Went

Knots ping-ponged in my gut as the abortion skit went public. I swear they turned the heat up about sixty degrees higher than normal in the sanctuary! Horror ripped through my veins when the bulletin and order of service listed it as "Darcie Gudger and the drama group". Why was my name put on there? So people could lynch me if they hated skit? Given the heavy nature of the subject, I hoped to remain anonymous.

Besides, I wasn't the only one involved. Sure I wrote the script, but my friend Dawn started the whole thing. She's a super-talented actress/singer who wanted me to write powerful, provacative sketches for church. We brainstormed ideas for hours. Spent hours on the phone. Hours in prayer. Hours worrying if the whole thing would fall apart, and hours trying to figure out who to cast! Dawn handled nearly all of the logistics and drama coaching. I couldn't have pulled this off by myself. So, I want to publicly thank Dawn for her hard work and for believing in me (when I didn't believe in me). Also thanks to Deb, Jonathan, John and Barb for bringing the characters to life.

So- how it went. After all three performances the audience sat frozen in time. No one coughed, sneezed, scratched or left their pew to go to the bathroom. Pastor Jim climbed onto the stage and started his sermon which really tied up all the loose ends the nay-sayers and skeptics worried about.

He shared some staggering stats about abortion then moved onto adoption as a solution. He also spent a huge chunk of time on healing - healing for people who've had abortions. Condemnation was nowhere to be found.

All the reactions Dawn and I received (at least to our faces) was very positive. Several people thanked me for being brave and courageous to tackle such an issue. Abortion is relevant to the church, not just some political bandwagon. The way to change minds is not charging Capital Hill or bombing clinics (pro-life? Ummmm... that's murder too), rather change happens one woman at a time. We have to reach out to women facing the temptation to take the easy way out and kill her baby. We need to support her, support her in the decision to keep or adopt her baby. Then continue walking beside her as she heals. THAT will change minds.

Let's just say I'm glad it's over now. The spiritual warfare was awful. Obstacles were flung into our paths several times each day. Doubts pervaded the process.

What helped most was giving it all to God. He inspired both Dawn and I. He brought all the pieces together and people were moved. I pray people talk about it and let God speak to them through it.

Joe, Willow Creek? Are you kidding me? That's like, a huge place where they do everything all professional-like! But, if that's what God wants, then...

(I really have no clue how to make that happen... the Willow Creek thing that is...)


Joe said...

Not sure who all has connections to WCA, but I know Lori, Durf and I have signed up. Some of those from earlier year trips may have also signed up with WCA... free membership to those who hold agreement to the purposes of WCA.

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We have to talk sometime. I go to Bear Valley and am a writer too. Going to Estes Park this weekend.
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I'm going to Estes too! I'll definitely check out your blog.