Thursday, June 21, 2007

Booger Goes Camping

Last summer was the first summer in decades that I didn't go camping. Kyle was only a few months old, and I've only thought nasty thoughts toward folks who brought itty bitty babies into campgrounds.

Baby not happy = entire campground miserable!

I wasn't about to do that to anyone, not even myself.

After months of pleading, John persuaded me to give camping with a 15 month-old a try.

Rounding up all the gear that got scattered through the garage to make room for baby stuff, proved quite the challenge. So much so, that upon arriving at our site at Baby Doe, along Turquoise Lake in Leadville, Colorado I made the horrifying discovery that we had a tent without poles! No poles, no tent. (John packed the tent - he forgot the big tent body and poles were kept in separate bags).

It was after 6PM. Leadville is not exactly a thriving metropolis...

Both of the sporting goods stores were closed for the night.


A friendly local told us of a place outside of town that might carry tents.

Much to our relief, and $40 later, we had a small tent.

John, Kyle and I made it back to our site to set up before dark.

Putting a baby into a sleeping bag is like trying to stuff toothpaste back into the tube. Giggling, he crawled out and cruised the tent interior. John gave up trying and decided to start a fire for s'mores. While John tried to start a fire with big logs and lighter fluid (trust me, it doesn't work!), Kyle shrieked, squealed and growled his way through the tent. His little hands shuffling along the fabric walls. Eventually he fell asleep on John's bag.

The Little Booger slept soundly all night long.

We hiked all day Saturday along a historic rail bed, through a ghost town to the Hagerman Tunnel, which at 11500 feet, was once the highest train tunnel in the world. I'd show a picture, but the tunnel entrance was buried by a snow slide. The little eyes never closed. He was fascinated by the snow covered peaks, snickered as John and I were forced to hike about one mile in the middle of a snow-run off creek and watched
the dog post-hole in deep snow drifts.

I sure was glad I had a brand new pair of waterproof hiking boots!

The boys took a nap after the hike, and I started a fire. One match. No lighter fluid. Lighter fluid is for weenies.

Booger loved to watch the flames dance over the logs. We kept him in his stroller so he could watch us roast hot dogs and smores from a safe distance. He gobbled up a hot dog, bun and several graham crackers!

Then slept soundly through night #2.

It's safe to say, Kyle likes camping. What a relief! I missed it last summer.

Apologies for the sideways pix - blogger doesn't allow me to rotate to vertical. Just lean 90 degrees to one side and they will look upright :)

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