Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Rockies on the ROCK

Even those of us who aren't inclined to park in front of the flat screen to watch sports have been riveted to the dramatic rise of the Colorado Rockies.

I've been to a bunch of games, sung the national anthem at two (with a choir), and even own a few hats. Ignoring the excitement in our city isn't possible. It's been fun getting swept along in the tide and even watching (gasp!) the Rocks sweep the D-Backs.

Local news channels spend the bulk of air time on Rockies interviews and what's struck me is their humble attitude. They swept the Phillies (my old home team) and didn't take anything for granted. They never assumed a sweep with the Diamond Backs, even when they won 3 games and only needed one more win. I wondered...

Now I don't need to wonder anymore. Local papers have lambasted some Rockies players for mentioning faith. People wrote to the editor of the Post complaining about the mention of religion and baseball. Separation of church and mound?

Anyway, here's a link to a fantastic article about our Rockies. I'm so proud of how they ACT Jesus, rather than beat Jesus into people.

Christian Faith Guides Colorado Rockies, Individual Character Builds Team Chemistry

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Red Letter Believers said...

These things are so silly. Is the secular crowd really "that afraid" of people of faith?

I think they just want us to go in the closet and shut up.

On the red letter beleivers blog, there is a post about "Is God on my time" that talks about God and Sports.

It is found at