Saturday, November 17, 2007

Forever Day and Pig Pizza

Just a quick post. It's been a while and I'll go into that another day...

My "niece" Emily Hope, became a Forever Child yesterday - a little over a year after Kyle.
Check out the pictures.

Also, I've been getting hits on a post I wrote over a year ago about Victory Pig Pizza. People from all over the US who grew up in NEPA (North Eastern Pennsylvania for the clueless), are chiming in about their love of that gooey, cheesy rectangle of pure bliss. I have a feeling there'll be a campaign for shipping to transplants!

My dad, a friend of the Cecolli's (owners) is printing off the comments and taking them to Rich.

Now I'm hungry with a craving I can't satisfy... Ugh.

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Joe said...

It was sooo great to join everybody for the Forever Day celebration. It's been such a long time coming and such a joy to see completed. Wouldn't it be wonderful to witness a few more BVC "Forever Baby" days? Who knows what the future holds for some fo the BVC families?

Isn't it so great to see how happy Boog and EHV are as adopted children? Brings a smile :-)