Thursday, November 29, 2007

Denver's Finest - in miniature

Kyle had quite the morning! He went to the South Metro Fire Station 35 in Arapahoe County to see fire trucks.

The firefighters allowed Kyle and the other kids to climb in the trucks to see every nook and cranny. One fireman donned his gear to show the kids what firefighters need to protect themselves from fires.

In addition, we got a tour of the station and saw a fireman slide down the pole.

Kyle was a little overwhelmed with the other kids there, but was in total awe of being able to touch a fire truck. He kept whispering, "Truck. Truck," stroking the shiny red paint.

At the end, he got to take home a little fire hat.

The trip was arranged by the agency that provides his physical and occupational therapy services. How cool is that?


Paula said...

Kyle is SO cute!! Glad he was feeling better and able to enjoy the trip.

Anonymous said...

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Lisa Norman said...

You have a great blog! I love the concept of Joy in the Litterbox. We've done the South Metro Fire House thing. My son has cerebral palsy and they were absolutely incredible in terms of helping him get around and making him feel like a typical kid. God is always in the small stuff, even the local fire pole!