Monday, September 01, 2008

Rotting corpses, drug houses... Welcome to my neighborhood

There's a dead body out side my front door. In a red car. You can see the legs hanging out of the passenger side.

Yellow police tape circles my neighborhood, screaming to passersby, "Crime scene!"

No, this is not a Brandilyn Collins novel.

This is real.

Nothing draws people like a scene from CSI. I also found out there have been several break-ins on my street. Some successful.

All of the crime comes from the Peach Tree apartments between Wadsworth and Sheridan, on Hampden.

A few years ago there was a shooting in the parking lot. Happened while the kids were getting off the school bus. Less than a hundred yards from my front door.

We can't move. Who'd buy our house?

So, I'm going to try to band together neighbors and get Peach Tree declared a public nuisance. It's been talked about before by the Denver City Council. Counselwoman, Jeanne Faatz, has been very helpful.

You can help too, by sending e-mail of concern for the families in my neighborhood. District 4 is our police HQ.

Why is it that whenever I try to take my thoughts captive to Christ, something really ookey happens?

Pray for us. I'm scared right now. Scared for the Booger, John and I.

Pray the evil out of this neighborhood. Pray that apartment complex gets shut down and torn down.


Megan DiMaria said...

Oh, goodness. Praying!

A prisoner of hope,

D. Gudger said...

Just found out from city counsel that the guy died from diabetic shock.

Crime rates are high right now. I'm hoping to initiate a Neighborhood Watch program to keep the gangs, taggers and thieves out.

Jan Parrish said...

Great idea. I'll pray for a hedge of protection around your house.

It helps to have a big dog. You have one right?

I'll pray that they tear those down and put up luxury town homes. ((((h))))