Thursday, March 19, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

I've been a bad girl. My poor blogs are being ignored and shoved to the bottom of the priority list.

What have I been doing all this time besides chasing after the now 3 year old Booger, trying to get him to use the potty not his pants?

For the past two months I've been writing for a cool website called . Examiner is an info/news site specific to a particular city. They are servicing about 60 cities nationwide. Examiners are writers who are experts on a particular topic. Readers can expect at least 3 or 4 articles each week from any given examiner. Sometimes more if the examiner is a "breaking news" kind of writer.

Me? I'm the Denver Outdoor Recreation Examiner. I get to write about anything and everything outdoors. I do a lot of local stuff, but sometimes take things to a broader level (state or national). Scouring local news sources and Google Alerts keep me up on breaking news about anything outdoor rec.

Yes, I do get paid for it, but I get paid by page hits, so visit me, make me one of your favorite examiners and hit my pages often.

Several of my friends from Words for the Journey are examiners as well and I'll do a post real soon with their pages so you can read them as well.

My novel is being shopped to acquisition editors by my agent. So any day to forever I may or may not get a book contract. In the mean time, I'm working on novel #2.

To make enough money to pay for groceries and medical needs I've started an AVON business. A lot of hard work goes into building something from the ground up, but I'm encouraged. AVON unlike many other direct sales companies requires very little capital to get started as a representative. Get this - $10. Yep. That's all I had to invest to start making money. They have incredible training programs that are all free. I'm seeing small profits each 2 week campaign.

Building my customer base is key to making money. The more product I sell, the greater the percentage I make. My goal is $550 per campaign. I'm at about $200 and need more customers!

Before you think of spicy scented old ladies with blue hair, AVON has radically changed. It's actually cutting-edge when it comes to skin care products and undercuts Wal-Mart and Target!

My friend Susie is working on a price point comparison chart featuring commercial brands like Cover Girl and Almay as opposed to Clinique and Lancome. I'll share it once it's done.

AVON is quite high-tech. I have an online store from which people anywhere can order products and have them shipped to their door. There are a heap of free shipping coupons available and if shipping is needed, it's about $3.

Psalm 42 keeps the music flowing. We have are singing for a sister night at New Life Lakewood for a multi-housing ministry sister night. The one we had at my church, Bear Valley, went really well.

Finally, John's attention has been focused on taking the remaining units of his Architectural Registration Exam. He has one tomorrow and has been studying like a mad dog. I'm on Booger duty 24/7 and carry more around the house so he can get this done.

Whew. I'm tired thinking about what I need to still do today.

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Papa Joe said...

Re: Ps 42

A person who "matters" mentioned to me recently that they had noticed marked improvements in your singing ability since you joined Ps 42. Just wanted to pass that on as an encouragement.