Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Don't pay your morgage!

Leave it to the O-trauma administration to come up with this great idea: punch the people hurting the most. A lot of homeowners were conned into buying beyond their means by the Democrat Party's belief that owning a home is a right, not an earned privlidge. Banks were forced to finance people who couldn't pay back loans. Fannie and Freddie are the poster children of that disaster. Will our "hope and change" prez help the people duped by his party? Nope.

... it is not only the over-mortgaged whom Obama will ignore, but those who have lost their jobs! If you do not make enough money such that your mortgage payments come to 31 percent of your income, you can't get your mortgage refinanced. If your income has dropped to a point where your monthly payments on your loan consume a greater part of your earnings than 31 percent, you are stuck. - Dick Morris former CLINTON advisor

As a parent, how do I teach my child about responsibility? Be frugal. Save. Don't squander. - when those behaviors are punished and irresponsibility and is rewarded? Personal responsibility is no longer a value of this new "hope and change" culture.

The new administration's beating down of the people he promised to help continues.

O-trauma is ripping scholarships out of the hands of poor kids in DC forcing them from the private education they earned, back into failing schools. But his kids go to one of the most expensive schools in the Capital. Public education was NEVER a viable option. What does this say about our prez? He doesn't want his daughters "soiled" by low-income influences.

Throwing fake money (I say fake b/c they're just putting ink on paper with nothing of value to back it up) only makes things worse. Obama's doing exactly what the consumers did to get into this mess in the first place! Over-spending. Extending credit beyond reasonable ability to pay.

Some of these trillions of dollars come from countries that hate us and are salivating over the chance to watch America collapse on itself. Who is Big Spender Obama selling us to, and why?

My family will continue to pay the mortgage and credit card debt and pray God will protect us from the insanity our government is imposing.

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