Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Kyle is Here!!! (no, I didn't take a pic of his first poo)

Boy, I think I'm exhausted now...

He's here! He was born yesterday at 12:08 PM MST weighing 6lbs, 14oz, and 19"long. After many hours of getting a centimeter by centimeter update from Carolyn (the birthmom's mom), Heidi and I decided to send our hubbys for lunch. The OB came in thinking it would be another four hours until full dialation and baby. While the men were out, Carolyn came running in telling us birthmom was ready to go and holding onto the baby until the OB arrived. We were invited to stand behind a curtain during the final pushes so we could hear Kyle's first cry.
"Push...deep breath, AGAIN! Here he comes!"
a little wail pierces the air...
"Okay, he's out up to his belly, I need another push- harder, HARDER and, oh, here he is and he's peeing on the doctor!"

John and I looked at each other with eyes as wide as the sky on the W. Texas plains. We were parents. Instantly, a nurse brushes past us with a small bundle nodding her head for us to follow her to the nursery.

John had the priveledge of cutting the chord. It was an amazing expereince. The nurses were so helpful, teaching us the rudiments of newborn care.

This morning, the social worker from the adoption agency gathered all the birth family, their pastor and our new family into a room for prayer. Everyone prayed over Kyle, including his birth grandparents and birthmom. The presence of the Holy Spirit was so tangible as Kyle lay in the bassinet in a sweet repose sucking on his green passifier.

What was amazing to me, was that during the prayer, the analogy was made between the Father God and the birthmom. This 18 year old gave up her only son to benefit someone else. It was a loss to her, just as sending Jesus to this pain-riddled world was a loss to God. He did it anyway knowing how much it would hurt - and He sent His Son into a life of sorrow, torture and death! I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that God has a special reward for young girls who give their babies up for adoption - especially when the world tells her over and over again that she would be better off killing it...

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Anonymous said...

You compared the young mother to God? With that kind of pressure there's no way she would have felt comfortable to change her mind and keep her baby.