Friday, March 17, 2006

Tired? What's that mean?

I thought I knew what it was to be tired. I never imagined the human body can still marginally function on so little rest and sleep. I'm seeing numbers on the digital clock that I knew existed in theory, but let me tell you, there really is a 2:17 AM and a 3:06AM and so on.

Because Sir Poopsalot poops A LOT, I decided to give him a sponge bath. He hated it in the hospital under the heat lamp and he REALLY let me know he hated it on the kitchen floor! His little chin vibrated nearly as fast as the wings of a humming-bird and he wriggled and wiggled, smearing poo allover the changing mat. How does one clean a writhing baby? How do you keep him from getting poo all over himself during a diaper change? So many questions, so little answers.

Remeber the movies "Mission Impossible?" Whatever the mission is on the silver screen they are WRONG! I have always suspected what I'm about to reveal, to be true, but know I know...

Are you ready?

This is classified information, you know...

(I glance aside to Caleb - "Should I tell them, or leave them hanging...")

Alright. I think I can trust you.

The most Impossible

I have a pile the size of Mt. Everest taking over my family room. John has to dump the couch just to sit. Kyle goes through clothes like Caleb through an unacompanied bag of dog treats. I can't do it! I'm out of clothes, John is on the verge of doing the guy-inspired inside out thing... everytime I try to get something done, Kyle begins to fuss or cry or want to be fed, which Is about nearly every hour and a half. The hunger has set in, let the growth spurt begin!

Of course, it would help to have a dryer that actually works... can't afford one. This one is beyond fixing (we tried).

Gotta get back to Kyle, and oh, I heard a car door slam - Casserole??? No, FLOWERS from Kyle's G-ma and G-pa. I'll have to post a pic once I recharge the camera battery. I forgot to turn it off last nigh. OOoops.

Mom, I know you read this daily - Kyle says thanks for the flowers... what was that? A rumble from down under. Oops there goes another diaper change - can't believe I 'm doing it. I used to pay my little sister to come down the street where I babysat to change diapers...

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