Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Haulin' Some Baby

Riding a bike pulling a trailor with a car seat and baby is a whole different ball-game! Ask my legs. So far this week, I've ridden two sixteen mile rides hauling Kyle up Mount Carbon in Morrison, CO. Thank goodness for my new/old bike and the "granny gears". 3 MPH is about the fastest I'm climbing w/ the babe on this 5-8% grade climb.

I'm on a quest to loose the "elbow" weight gained from my recovery period which had to be inactive. At least when people see me w/ the baby, they assume I'm in the process of loosing baby weight. I don't correct their assumption... :)

Now to fold laundry as we prepare to host a Latvian couple for the weekend.

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Vineta said...

Hi, Darcie,

greetings from Riga! I am very happy for you and all the other family of yours. I hope you are getting more and more sleep in the nights. And I am sure there are times you feel that being a mom is the best thing possible. And sometimes you feel different. It is easy to say "yes, I know, I have been through this", but the hardest and also the best is to BE through this. Keep going! Vineta