Monday, August 07, 2006

Kyle meets the fam

No onr could resist the world's cutet baby in PA. Near fights broke out between Aunt Tammie (above) and Grandma (in the orange below) over who would hold the Little Booger when. I had fun playing spider on the wall with my camera, catching some precious and even pretty funny candid shots. Thought I 'd share a few of my faves.

The one of my dad grmacing in the presence of a whiny baby is my ultimate favorite! It was evening, nearing bed time and Kyle was morphing into the the North American Wild Snorting Baby mode. Dad was making faces at the baby trying to get him to laugh (to no avail) and this photo just happened.

There were four generations in Pennsylvania - the most our family has ever had living at any time. Great Grandma and Grandma plotted a kidnapping scheme to see if they could get John and I to leave w/o the baby and our dog!

Love that "Joe Cool in the Pool" shot as well. Mom put me up to that one. Even the social worker at the adoption agency laughed uncontrollably at that picture (we thought it would freak her out).

On Wednesday, Kyle and I went to the adoption agency for another home study. I turned in the notorized petition to adopt that would be filed with the court in Douglas County, Colorado. Charlene told me that the court date will be sometime in October b/c Kyle has to live with us for a complete six months after birth. When the hearing is over and Kyle is oficially and legally a Gudger, we'll have quite a bash to celebrate! Parental rights on both sides have been oficially terminated, so it's up to the judge to decide whether or not John and I are fit parents.
I have to turn in a statement from the pediatrition, write a month by month reflection on his development, have references of people who think we are fit parents, and then the judge will have a look-see at the Wee One and determine if he thinks the child is thriving in our care. And a crack-head prostitue with aids can push one out and keep it, no questions asked....Sheesh!

This litterbox of life sure is filled with all sorts of stinky poo, but Kyle sure is a major source of joy in my life aside from the ultimate source of JOY!

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