Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Do sweet potatoes go with my outfit?

Sorry, the promised post is still coming - can't figure out why the camera and computer won't talk.

The Little Booger is almost 5.5 months old already! That means it's time to learn how to eat "solid" foods. Food that slides off the spoon onto your lap before you get it into the tightly closed lips hardly counts as solid!

The pediatrician said it was time. I went out and bought some rice cereal. She told me that all babies like rice cereal. He sure ate it for Grandma, but when I tried to feed him at home, I ended up wearing it!

Sooooo back to Babies R Us for some other flavors. I found a 12 pack "Starter Kit fruit" and "Starter Kit vegetable". They were only $3 each. Not bad for someone whose bank account is anemic.

Bananas went in with a little work (on my part). Apple sauce - same as bananas. Green peas? That little mouth hinged open EVERY TIME the spoon touched his lips with the horrid green stuff. Okay, that's one veggie gone well, let me try another one - sweet potatoes. Who doesn't like them? I had to jam the spoon between his little lips, then in an instant the sticky orange goo was sprayed back at me.

"Listen here kid, " I said reloading the spoon with another blob, "babies are supposed to like sweet potatoes and I bought a starter pack with three more jars. You're gonna like the sweet potatoes. I mean, come on, you LOVED the peas!, most people HATE peas!"

I may have to throw away my shirt. Do sweet potatoes come out of synthetic fabric? What do I do with the remaining jars?

I may have to go to Home Depot and buy plexi-glass to make myself a shield until I can know what Kyle likes to eat. He knows how to let me know when he doesn't like something. I can't afford a whole new wardrobe unless weridly colored stains become vogue...

At least I can (until he spews all over my new clothes for church...)


Joe said...

(awake for a feeding (the cat))

Definitely better to let him tell you what he'll eat than force-feed him something he won't. My mom persists in telling me that I dislike green beans because she force-fed them to me. I argue that I had to be force-fed because I didn't like them.

Either way, I turned out pretty fine.

Love the pics in this blog. Can't wait for Sydnie to have that kind of expressveness.

D. Gudger said...

She will. It will come and you'll have some really fun stuff to blog about :)