Saturday, January 13, 2007


I didn't mean to leave you all hanging, honest! I've been having some serious computer problems such as it WON'T WORK! I'm using my almost-dead laptop (the mother board is biting it, the USB ports are shot and this thing is not even 2 years old. I'll NEVER buy another Gateway!) Enough about the computer, it's details crowd the litter box.

Yesterday I completed 1 week of phase 1 of The Maker's Diet (TMD). There were a few occasions such as a baby shower and the first date w/ John in 10 months that made it impossible to remain within my boundaries of food, but hey, life goes on too!

Believe it or not, I'm growing accustomed to preparing all of my meals. TMD forces me out of that instant gratification mode. In the past, I waited until I was hungry before I thought about a meal. By then I was too hungry to prepare anything healthy so fast and processed made up the bulk of my diet.

I wish I could write about how wonderful I feel. More energy than Excell on a balmy day. (Excell is the power company in CO). Fitter than those perky aerobics instructors on FitTV , but I can't. Actually, I feel pretty awful.

Fatigue, aches and headaches are all part of the process. I've stopped eating refined sugar cold turkey as well as my daily 2+ cups of loaded coffee and sugary flavored creamers. Drinking filtered water, eating natural organic meats and veggies is taking a toll on my body! TMD warns this is possible if your previous eating habits were pretty bad. Feeling lousy at first is probably why many people abandon radical health make-overs so quickly! My body is de-toxifying itself. That takes time. A few weeks. With God's help I will hang in and continue.

Don't get me wrong...

I can notice some positives. My eyes aren't so bleary looking, my mind is staring to function more clearly - sometimes, and I have exercised each and every morning this week for about 30 minutes!

Going back to the M&M's and potato chips (even if they are organic) is not an option. Being fat and sick interferes with the God-given responsibilities to my family and church.

The worst part of TMD is the twice daily dose of "dirty pond water" I must gulp down...

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