Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Reconnecting in Wyoming

This past weekend we loaded the VUE and shot up I-25 to Casper, Wyoming. This past summer, one of my college friends from Houghton now lives in Casper. Karen, her hubby, Matt and two kids and two cats moved there from Texas where they suffered in the horrible heat for several years. The house they bought was under construction so the family had to live in a 30 ft long tow-behind camper for three months.

Campgrounds along the Rockies tend to close in late September, so Karen took matters into her own hands and sped along construction by doing much of the interior finishing work! Go Girl!

The house is beautiful.

We had a wonderful time telling stories of the past and finally wondering why someone as normal as Karen hung out with such crazy people like myself and a few others. The more we reminisced, the more I realized how weird I was in College (okay, some of you are stuck on the word "was" - get off it! I'm not THAT weird now...

...am I?)

I also found out this fall that there are at least two families of former Houghton class-mates in the Springs. The call came during marching season when my time was not my own.

Now that life has slowed down momentarily, I hope to connect with them as well. After all, the Springs folk spent several weeks on the trail with me and NONE of us had access to showers or even toilets...

I think I just roped myself into telling some crazy tales of the past... maybe not.

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