Thursday, February 21, 2008

An authentic onion

I just finished reading the post of a friend of mine - Red Letter Believers, about authenticity. Two days ago, or so, I read a post by my friend Paula of Grace Reign and a post by Heather on her blog.

Paula and Heather were being vulnerable and authentic. They aren't afraid to share who they are and what they think and feel.

My current inclination is to be an onion - wrapped up nice and tight in my papery shell with dozens of thick, strong layers protecting my tender inner core.

I pull back a layer every now and then, but at the sign of any hurt or misunderstanding, I yank my skin tightly around me, less willing to open up in the future.

What will people think if they knew the "real" me?

Often I'm accused of being authentic and "real". If those people only knew how skilled I am at acting. I could win a flippin' Oscar!

I'm most grieved by the fact that Christians are most suseptible to misunderstanding, judging, and flat out rejecting me if I show my pain. Only a rare few have drilled holes in my layers (Stinky!!!) My non-Christian friends are far more perceptive, and pick up on my artful deception.

Writers: the deeper I dive into their world really "get" me. Many of them have been where I am. Many of them have matured to a place in which they don't care what others think. They shed their onion skins, exposing a raw tender shoot of green growth to the world.

Stories of their true selves inspires me and leads me toward a place of healing so one day I too can sluff off those cumbersome shells and live in full freedom and growth.

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Anonymous said...

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