Monday, February 04, 2008

Caucus my carcas!!!@##$#@!!!

I'm so angry I could... I could... go outside and break all the windows of the apartment building across the street with frozen dog turds...

Who knew trying to find a caucus location could be more difficult than composing a magnificent concerto in 3 minutes?

All the local news channels boast their links to 2008 election "stuff". All those links lead to government links.


I jumped from link to link within the Denver County Clerks website for 45 minutes. Do you think my neighborhood was on one of the district maps? One link said I was district 2. District 2 ends about five miles east of where I live.

Another link (if you don't find your address here....) said I was 01. No luck.

I've left messages with the local Republican Party headquarters (yes, I'm a member of the GOP - don't ask me what that means anymore). I scanned other political websites, including those of candidates who'd really like Colorado votes. Think I found my caucus location?

Will Osama BinLaden turn himself into the CIA?

After throwing a few items off my desk, scaring a cat or two by my bellowing, a Republican site came up (via Google) with a caucus search.

"Please enter your 10 digit precinct number."

What? Are you kidding me?

Unholy poop on a stick the size of Texas! Where am I supposed to find that sort of information? 10 digits? Do you people want me to vote or what?

I wonder if it's this hard for Democrats. I may have to see!

Search, search, search, Google, Google, Google. Back to @#$#T%@#!!!! Denver County Clerk (intentionally inefficient and UNuser friendly government website).

I found it. Honestly, I found it by accident. Kennedy High School. 7 PM. Open forum. This should be interesting.

Seriously, should it be this hard to find out where to participate in the Great American Democratic Process? 99.99999% of the folks out there won't be as tenacious as me. I stuck with it b/c I have a blog. Blogs are fun.

If anyone from The Government, local, or federal, or any candidate helper person reads this, get a clue!!! If you want votes, make it easy to find out WHERE to vote?

I'm done. Go Mit.

Just did the same thing, pretending to be a Dem. Their website is more user-friendly than the Reps, but once I clicked the link, I was sent to the same mess. I guess "they" don't want anyone to vote.


WordVixen said...

I loathe all government websites. Why do you think I haven't registered my business (and therefore launched it) yet?

Jan Parrish said...

I hear you Darcie. I had the same issue. Luckily I had my voter registration card close to my secret code card and so I had the information. Most would not. LOL. I am for Mitt too but I think we are out numbered.

This should be really interesting.

Megan DiMaria said...

Whew! What a chore. You get the "Good Citizen of the Week" award for being so persistent.

A prisoner of hope,