Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Controversy swirls around me -

- like stink on a dog.

If I haven't caused enough stir over my post "The Dark Side of Christianity", I'm thinking of whipping up some more...maybe.

Millions of people around the world watch Oprah (me included). Overall, she contributes a lot to humankind. I love the woman. I'd love to meet her, be on her show...

She's been doing the book club thing for years now, which benefits writers and booksellers to a large degree. Recently, she's chosen a book, A NEW EARTH by Eckhart Tolle, a "comtemporary spiritual teacher."

The Big O and Mr. Tolle are teaching a weekly class said book over a course of ten weeks - free - on It's the largest internet, interactive class ever. When Oprah does something, she makes it epic.

Testimonials on how this book influenced and changed lives are aired at the end of each show; rerun or not. Even some Christians are touting the book as being in sync with the teachings of Jesus.

My writerly/Jesus lovin' antennas popped up. Something about this feels wrong. Very wrong.

I don't believe in criticizing a book, or drawing conclusion about an author's message until I read the book. (Remember all the stink over Harry Potter? Many critics never read the books!)

So, Mr. Tolle's book occupied a vast amount of space on the book table at Costco (an HONOR for a writer). I hope my book gets that kind of real-estate someday...

I digress.

A NEW EARTH was 1/2 price. I bought it. I plan on reading it and posting "A Rabble Rousing Christian's Take on Tolle." I've been looking for response on the web, but haven't found it yet. I think many followers of The Way, are still stuck on THE SECRET. Which, someone needs to be.

Stay tuned to the Litterbox and feel free to help me shine a light on TRUTH.

But, please pray. This kind of stuff sounds so good. It really does encourage people to put others first and live a life of kindness. Don't read it unless you feel totally secure in your knowledge of the Word of God or without prayer.

God is God. We are not.

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