Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I look at the blogs of others (read: just about every other pickin' person with a blog), and cringe. Mine is so lame.

I'm trying to do the AdSense thing. Can I figure it out? No. Google gives all sorts of directions, but your's truly is so technilogically inept, I'm making my blog look worse.

Well, I'm on here to write, not look pretty, but in this day and age prettiness helps.

Yes, I know there are people out there who do blog design. They are NOT free. I have NO money.

So, excuse my lameness. Don't judge me 'cuz of the look of my blog.


Anonymous said...

Your writing is beautiful, the rest doesn't matter. Haven't you heard the expression, "if you came to see my house, better call, but if you came to see me - come on in!"? Oh, yes. I said this to you just the other day.

Love you!
~ Susie

WordVixen said...

Since you're on Blogger, you should already have an AdSense ID. I could be wrong about that though, but to be sure, go to AdSense.com and in put the user name and password that you use for Blogger. If it works, you already have an account.

There are ways to make the ads look nicer, but just to get the ads up on the blog, go to your blogger dashboard and choose "layout". When it pulls up the template for your blog, choose "add page element". It'll have a whole bunch of options to add to your blog, choose "AdSense". It should be the third option from the top, on the right side. Choose "add to blog". You can pick colors, sizes, etc, or leave them as they are. Choose "save changes". Check at the top of your template, you may have to click "save" again. If you want to move the ad, just click and drag to where to want it, then save again.

Joe said...

You moved it to the sidebar ;-) Nice job!

Joe said...

I know somebody ;-) who could help you with the layout thing.

D. Gudger said...

Ugh. I've lost a lot of my blogroll stuff. Can't find my old template even though Blogger said it would be saved. Used a boring template for now. Had to change it. I've been on this computer for hours between working and messing up my blog. So, Joe... are you the one that can help me???

WV - I got the adsens thing on there, but need to eventually get ads on there for books, bikes, all the kinds of stuff I'm interested in that my readers may be as well. don't know if it will help me any $$ wise.

So much to learn, so little brain...