Saturday, May 10, 2008

Boogin' Out

Musical Toddler


WordVixen said...

Too cute! Ya gotta love that bit of Ray Charles towards the end there. :)

Megan DiMaria said...


A prisoner of hope,

Jan Parrish said...

That is simply precious. What a musical genius! :)

D. Gudger said...

Hey, maybe we can get him and Robbie to do a gig together?

We MUST make a music video of "Sharen"

Momstheword said...

That is so cute! Hi, I'm Loopdeloops' Mom. I saw your comment on her blog and thought I'd check you out. I love your testimony. God bless you.

Papa Joe said...

Durf's prodigy?

Stevie Wonder's student?

This kid's got music in the bones if I've ever seen it.