Wednesday, May 07, 2008

First impressions are everything

See Darcie procrastinate.
(she's supposed to be writing)

See Darcie blog surf and comment on agents' blogs.
(she's supposed to be writing)

See Darcie's poem described by agent Chip MacGregor as "really bad"...
(she's supposed to be writing her NOVEL not poems)



I'm saving that e-mail in my archives. Sigh!

FYI - it's a bad poetry contest.

My poem is about the 42nd comment. Check it out!

(for non-procrastinators, here's my Awfully Bad Poem)

To all the poet laureates out there making billions of dollars writing better nonsense than this little ODE (not to be confused with ODOR)

Bad poetry.
Like, really, really bad.
Airplanes buzz around my cranium -
....with tootsie roll thoughts.

Poet laureates.
Say lor-ee-ates in the containium.
I mean continuum.

Free the monkeys!
I mean it!

And methinks poetry rots
with all those itty-bitty knots

(empty space)
(Eckhart Tolle and Oprah)
(vast void)

of garlic bread

Will Someone Get This Litterbox Off My Head?

Poetry so bad - YOU all/ y'all want me...

by Darcie Gudger
Who probably makes more sense than that dude in New Jersey.


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