Monday, February 20, 2006

More Joy in the Litterbox

I'll be brief b/c breathing hurts, sitting hurts... I'll get to "why" in a moment.

Turd: I am unable to have children naturally. The factory shut down a long time ago.

Joy: John and I found out that we will be parents in two to four weeks! Kyle Robert Gudger will be born to one of the bravest, kindest, self-less 18 year olds on the planet between now and March 29th.

When I found out that Kyle was a Kyle (he "waved" at the doc on Monday!) and that he may decide to be born as soon as two weeks from now, I nearly fell out of my chair. John began to dance around, sending the cats running from his hopping feet. TWO WEEKS!!! We have an empty room and some baby stuff friends in TX gave to us, but 2 WEEKS!

Who would have known that it would take over 4 hours to register for Baby stuff at BabiesRus? Who knew such tiny creatures required so MUCH STUFF???? John and I shrank back as the bottle wall loomed large over our heads. I looked at him, he looked at me. There seemed to be 600 different brands of bottles, and don't get me started on the nipples... Beads of sweat crawled down my brow as my fingers bit into John's arm. "Call Heather."
"I said, call Heather and ask her what kind of bottles to buy."
I think we called poor Heather in Minnisooocold at least four times. She's got two kids and is eager to offer assistance.

While we were finally registered (my thumb was twitching from repeated scan button-pressing), the nice lady at customer service asked us if we had all the essentials on hand. I thought that's what we did - registered for the "essentials" so people could buy them for us b/c it seems having a baby requires a fat bank account... showers share that burden...
Essentials: baby equipment you need to take the little critter home from the hospital. The nurses will hold him hostage if we don't come with "stuff."

We bought a few little "onesie" outfits unsure of how big Kyle will be, and a blanket. My mom, anxious to finally be a grandmother and wanting to be the FIRST to buy from the registry bought us the required car seat and diaper bag. We're set, at least to pick Kyle up. Beyond that there's the shower on March 18.

Okay, back to my pain. Can't bring Kyle home and put him in the kennel w/ Caleb, he's gotta have a room ready. We bought paint for the baby room and the guest room. Mom is coming for 2 weeks after he's born to teach me what to do. Honestly, I have no clue. I've been painting for two days with ONE arm (the other one is broken in three places from the infamous "ice" incident - don't ask), hence PAIN!

I'm done for today. Gotta work tomorrow, but the baby's room is Done! Mom, I'll try to finish the guest room before you get here.
Isn't it bed-time yet? I'm tired!


Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! I can comment. Thanks for opening things up -- and CONGRATULATIONS! I'm thrilled you're heading for motherhood. It's going to take some effort to think of the mud-covered, wild-eyed, karate-using woodswoman I used to know as a mommy with baby in arm, but I think I can do it. ;-)

D. Gudger said...

Well, I'm still all those things, and my kid, Kyle (it's a boy!) will be too. Picture us lurking through the Colorado mountains w/ ponderosa pine boughs in our hats, startling unsuspecting hikers with our loud, barbaric Yawlps...

the kelley's said...

We are SO happy for you guys. Darcie I had no idea until just a couple months ago you guys were going to adopt, this is such great news. I agree it's good you are having a boy, with all your outdoors stuff, boys bounce back faster, eh? Much love!!!

Peter Eisans said...

Hi guys! Congratulations. When my friend got his first child I sent him a card with a text that said something like this: Now you will find out many new things about each other - like who can sleep longer while baby is crying...
It will be fun and it will be a challenge. It will be sweet. And it will be to the limits of exhaustion. Enjoy it, though. Babies grow up.