Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Some links b/c I can't do the html thing

Check these out! This is the mission org I work for The BEST college A thought provoking blog w/ topics ranging from gemology, parenting to theology - Peter, his wife Karen, and I all went to Houghton together a blog on worship and expectant parents by Joe, a friend from church My church - we are all about missions, check us out! blog by best-selling author Brandilyn Collins, if you are interested in writing, this is a MUST read

Eventually these will be on the sidebar, but until then... html YUCK!


Eric Torraca said...


Great to see what you're up to. All the best with the new kid!
I linked here from Pete's site, I may have to do one of these... I've been thinking of doing a web-site for a while, but maybe the blog thing is a better way to go.

Eric (Pete's brother, remember me?)

D. Gudger said...

Of Course I remember you! Are you still living in Canada or near it? Last I heard Peter told me you are doing border patrol...