Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Happy Anniversary/Birthday!

One year ago, John and I sat bleary-eyed and dazed in the waiting room outside the OB ward of Longmont United Hospital. On our 8th anniversary, we received the best gift possible - a son!

Today, John and I have been married for 9 years, and Kyle turns 1! He's a big-boy now!

It hit me as I fell into bed last night, that one year ago, we had barely fallen asleep before the phone rang and we made that mad midgnight dash to Longmont. A year ago today began the trials of sleepless nights and feeling like I REALLY had no clue as to what I doing. I remember bringing Kyle home (A year tomorrow), handing the spit-up encrusted wee-one to John so I could drive to Baby's R US to buy him a clean outfit!

That helpless babe is now a toddler. He's got the mechanics of walking down quite well, just needs the balance. I think it's only a matter of days... He's also trying to say words. "Mom" and "Dad" have been around a while, "Baba" (bottle) is new - however as soon as I finish this can of formula, NO MORE BOTTLES! It's sippy cups only. He tries to say Elmo - "Emmmo", and the cats are "Guh". Grandma McNeil has him saying burp "buuuhhp".

Kyle is a little scientist, studying his world in depth, labeling and making associations. Cause and effect are the most entertaining for him as he like to whack objects to listen to the sounds.

On our kitchen table sits an application packet for #2 - hopefully a brother! Next month, Kyle is due for a cousin from my sister. I'm holding out for a birthday baby. I was due April 16th and born the 7th. Tammie's baby is due the 16th...

With all the excitement over the baby, I must not allow myself to remember the original meaning of March 14. John and I married in 1998. Marriage was something I never imagined could happen to me - until John, I'd never really been on a true date! Oh, I had crushes galore, but no one reciprocated.

The past 9 years have had lots of challenges - unemployment, illness, injury - but we endured. We are closer now than we were 9 years ago! Marrying John was the best decision I've ever made. He is the best husband. He's never, EVER said anything mean to me or hurt my feelings. When we fight, we NEVER call names, we argue issues. John only affirms me. He encourages me in all my goofy endeavors. He is a voice of reason when my tether to terra firma slackens. He is an amazing dad!

Not having a good role model for fatherhood, John has overcome the abuses of the past to give Kyle what he never had. I admire him for that. He's broken some unhealthy cycles assuring they are not passed to this next generation.

Time to get the birthday boy up, run a few errands (like buy more powdered sugar for icing), and be home in time for some dude to fix our ice machine so we can have ice for the party. Clean the house too? Ugh!

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Anonymous said...

Gosh, he's cute. I LOVE the way he wrinkles his little nose!