Thursday, March 29, 2007

Out-smarting 'ol Blogger

I am so dang proud of myself I can't contain it! I figured out (finally!) how to put my picture profile on Blogger. Other blogging services let you browse your iPhoto, or MyPictures (depending on your platform), but Blogger requires a URL address! Um... I don't have my picture posted on the web anywhere else!

So, with the help of a BLOGGING FOR DUMMIES book, I was able to figure it out. Hope my face doesn't scare you too much. It scares me. The built in camera on my screen makes me look sooooo red. I hate being red. I need to get over hating the color of my skin.

I'm Celtic. That means light blue eyes and a very fair reddish/ruddy complexion.

About skin - I was reading an article in the magazine ADOPTIVE PARENTS and it was about how to talk to kids about multi-racial families. Kyle is Mexican, so we fall into that catagory.
Anyhow, a scenario was presented in which a little girl told her mommy a dark-skinned child looked "dirty". The magazine said the best response is, "That's her natural color. She's so lucky to have dark skin. Its beautiful!"

Don't mis-read me here. I love dark skin. I wish I had Kyle's complexion at the least. Where does hating my fair, pinkish/red skin come from? Why is fair skin so... out? Why did the author of the article have to bring in luck? Why couldn't the discussion been, "She is from South America, people who are born there have dark skin." That way one color isn't made to be more appealing than another.

I want Kyle to grow up being proud of his Mexican heritage AND his Irish heritage too! He's 3/4 Mexican, 1/4 Irish (that explains the almost blond hair). Most of all, I want him to identify with being a Yetter/Gudger . Skin color doesn't define Yetter/Gudger. Heritage doesn't define Yetter/Gudger. Heck, there's a part of me that's ?????!

What defines a Yetter/Gudger is commitment to death type love. That's what defines ANY family.

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Kristine said...

You can't say you Denver Mama's page has no comments now :-)

I loved the post. I so needed that reminder today. Thanks for a special word.

You can always call me too, although I might not be as insightful as your mom.