Monday, March 05, 2007

Kyle plays with Fire Fox!

Got Fire Fox, can add pix!

It's been forever, a day and a half and then some since I posted pictures of the Little Booger. The Fire Fox browser helps. I'm not an html guru, so the zoo pic is pushed out of the bounds of the blog area. Double click it and it will fill your screen. Well folks, here he is in all his babyness!

My little Wee One turns 1 next week? Can you believe it? I can't.

Today I began the arduous process of prepping for the "1st Birthday". I bought gift wrap and a present. Elmo. Not the tickle-me kind, just a plain stuffed Elmo. Kyle was with me b/c I can't exactely leave him home alone as I shop for his party. Like he understands what's going on...

We were at KB toys in the Colorado Mills Mall and he took one look at the googly-eyed red monster and began to flap and shriek like a tethered hawk! Kyle loves Elmo.

I grabbed the box, paid for it then stashed it under the stroller. He doesn't remember it now. Gotta enjoy this while it lasts b/c come next year of the year after, I'll have to do the birthday thing on the sly.

John and I decided to do a train theme for the party. I'm going to make a train cake using loaf pans. Mom did it for Tammie's 1st and has given me "cake-making-for-dummies" instructions. I'll probably end up calling her at least 30 times during the process. Baking and cake decorating ain't my area of giftedness!

It's gonna be a crazy night! We've invited 14 families so far and have a few more to call. Believe it or not, we do have a lot of friends and Kyle's a popular baby. What can I say?

Pictures: Kyle imitates the way I look when I get up in the morning, his first ride on a merry go round (pic taken @ Denver Zoo) - he rode a rhino! Kyle takes his first non-traumatizing big boy bath on his new fishy mat (bun slippage is the root cause of bath-time terrors).

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Joe said...

I've seen him do that tethered hawk thing before. He'll love it when he "sees it for the first time" :-) Have fun making the cake.