Friday, March 16, 2007

Party Harty! 1st Birthday!

Ugh, Blogger flipped the Birthday Booger on his side...

Kyle's party was a smashing success. We have a LOT of cake left over, however.

It was funny watching him navigate his first ever piece of cake (and sugar). I put the cake on his tray and he gave it a dainty poke, a tiny taste, then dug in with both hands! I was surprised he didn't smear it all over his head, but he's too smart to waste a good piece of chocolate cake!

Speaking of cake, I made it all by myself (with about six phone calls home to Mom). I don't know what had more icing - me or the cake! Using a pastry tube was more than a challenge - it was pure torture! A cake decorating business is NOT in my future. I can do it once a year, but no more. I'm not that ambitious, or patient! I like projects that come together in mere minutes.

Tomorrow we will go to the train museum to see real trains. Real big trains.


Joe said...

That was a very good cake (taste) and quite fun. What a great way to have several flavors available. I bet it'll be easier next time, too.

Amazing to realize it's already been a year!!

Laura Christianson said...


I found your blog via (and found them through Shoutlife). It's always fun to find other adoptive moms in cyberspace.

Hope you'll stop by my Exploring Adoption blog for a visit and consider reviewing my two upcoming adoption books!