Friday, April 20, 2007

Booger Woes and a New Baby

Next week I have to take the Booger to Children's Hospital for a Physical Therapy evaluation. He's showing some gross motor delays and the pediatrician decided it's best to make sure nothing neurological is going on. He assured me he didn't think anything serious is the culprit, but as a mother I can't help but worry. Especially when people tell me how "alarmed" they are that he's 13 months and not mobile. Especially when someone says to me, "My daughter was like that... she has Muscular Dystrophy."


I wish I could speed up time and get the PT's opinion before I go completely insane. It's hard to trust God. This is really the first major trust thing involving my child. I thought trusting Him was hard when it was for me or John, but when it's the wee one?

On a positive note, I'm gonna be an AUNT any day! My sister was due the 16th. No baby. As of yesterday the baby dropped but as of this morning - no baby. I wish Mystery Baby would go ahead and get here before my mother and I go insane!!!

Tammie decided to not know what it is and keep the names secret. Grrr. Anyway, I hope it looks like me and takes after wonderful little 'ol me :)

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Kristine said...

Hang in there. I'm glad you hear that you got the appointment finally. Let me know if you need someone to go with you and maybe I can.