Friday, April 13, 2007

Christian Blogoshpere

If you scroll down on my sidebar you will see that I recently joined the Christian Blogosphere blog roll.

I apologize for the messy sidebar. I just can't do the code thing and I'm still trying to figure out how to get the American Christian Fiction Writer's logo with its link (which is split by the graphic of the CB). I have a blogging for dummies book, but it don't go into that much detail!

Why, oh why does this have to be so hard? I'm not a computer techie!

I'm hoping Joe will feel sorry for the pathetic look of my blog... and help me out :)

What's really embarassing is that many authors who are a generation ahead of me have cool blogs and can do all the cool logo/sidebar stuff. I'm supposed to belong to the computer generation! What happened to me?


Maybe I need to focus on something else like following all those links Joe sent in a comment on animal coffee...

NOW you're curious!

You'll have to


1 comment:

Sally Bradley said...

You're so not alone! My sidebar is giving me fits.

But I can email with the best of them! LOL