Monday, April 23, 2007

I Love the Earth, Butt...

No one can accuse us of hating the environment. Denver makes recycling so easy, that we truly recycle more than we toss. We turn of lights in unused rooms and keep the heat below 65 degrees. The energy savings are more motivated by $$ saving than loving the Earth, but it counts.

I'm a huge proponent of "No Trace" camping and hiking. John will pack out other people's nasty trash found along Colorado hiking trails.

God made the Earth. Whatever He made, He put in our stewardship. That means we are supposed to take good care of it.

Within reason.

Since Al Gore released his film "Inconvenient Truth", politicians and celebrities - all members of the FSR (Filthy Stinkin' Rich) club are telling the ROU (Rest of Us) to give up our modest lifestyles to live like we're in a 3rd world country!

They DO NOT include themselves in such sacrificial practices. Private planes, multiple mansions - all this takes up more energy per day than the ROU use in one year!! Whose being wasteful here?

Sheryl Crow is on some sort of twisted anti-toilet paper campaign. If such absurdity is put into law, more of us will be stinkin' than the rich!

I've done the no TP thing on a BACKPACKING trip in Central PA where there were plenty of ferns. Who likes to find piles of paper behind every tree? No me. But in my own home? Don't these bozos know about the kinds of diseases running rampant in 3rd world countries?

So, what will America be like if everyone walked around with poo in their cracks? Honestly, 1 sheet or 3 ain't gonna get that stuff off! We can kiss our clean air initiatives good-bye. The stench pollution will force us to walk around wearing those weird masks seen in apocalyptic films. Doctor offices will be inundated by millions suffering from horrible chaffing and butt pimples. The economy will take a major dive b/c no one will want to be around anyone else's butt-stinkies!

What about babies? Imagine the diaper rash!

When Sheryl Crow, Al Gore and the likes start acting like cats... (no more description needed - right?) Then I may reconsider.

I love the Earth...

butt not enough to traumatize it's inhabitants (or myself). I love hygiene!

Americans for Good Hygiene!


Joe said...


Why doesn't the media point that out? Oh yeah!!! They're part of the FSR crowd, too.

Sally Bradley said...

Well said! Someone else pointed out to me the private jets Al Gore has used and the SUVs. Um, double-standard, anyone?

Chantay said...

I'm with you on that toilet paper thing. I heard about it on the radio and immediately thought, "There's no way one sheet's gonna clean my big A." I'm also a recycler and aim to be environmentally conscious whenever I can, but let's not get ridiculous.

D. Gudger said...

I don't understand why so many people choose to ignore the blatant hypocrisy of Al Gore and the Leftist Elite. Even major networks have shown pictures of the private jets and mansions...