Friday, April 14, 2006

Archtypal Joy: The EMPTY cross!

All week long news anchors and other talking heads are trying desperately to invalidate the truthfulness of scripture. These "Judas Gospels" are only helping to stir the pot some. Fine. People are going to try to pass off the Gospels as nice little stories with nice little life lessons. Jesus was a prophet and was killed. What irks me the most are images of him on the cross. Yes, he died for our sins. None are righteous, no not one! The wages of sin is death... BUT in order to win the battle waged for millenia against Satan, Jesus had to BEAT death. The victory was not in His death, rather in His resurrection!

Beware: offensive material to some, but hey, the Gospel IS offensive...

I don't understand why some religious groups like to keep Jesus on the cross. The crucifix has almost become an idol in some circles as has Jesus' mother Mary. She was a sinful human being like the rest of us, but assigned a very important duty - to bear God's son. But I digress...

What we as Christians need to show the world is the EMPTY cross. Too many people see the crucifix and use that as evidence toward their belief that God is dead. He's NOT dead. He's alive! Death was defeated. The grave could not hold him, Satan lost. Sure, it looks like Satan's winning these days. Terrorism, anything-goes sexuality, abuse, molestation, crooked politics, the list would extend far beyond the space I have on my blog. Face it. The world is a LITTERBOX full of poo. Lift your head above the plastic rim and look beyond to the fresh, clean world God has prepared for us in Heaven BECAUSE Jesus not only died, but he CAME BACK TO LIFE.

We party hard at Christmastime. His birth. I'm guilty of not putting much effort into the more important holiday - Ressurection Sunday. We all are. Boldy wear your EMPTY crosses around your necks. Display the empty cross. Take down the crucifix. Put up the naked cross. Party hard. Jesus is risen and that's the ULTIMATE JOY.

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