Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Ooonnnn my own again with the Prince of Wails, my little friend

Yesterday I drive-by dropped Mom off at the airport with only an hour to get back to Littleton for a Dr. appt. Kyle ran a fever and was very snotty Monday night - enough so to worry us all and call the 24 hr. "nurse line".

Fortunately, the little bugger is just full of boogers and in no danger. The doctor was more concerned with my health and the rattling sounds reverberating from my chest. My cough is so gnarly, you could hang me from a pole on either coast, and I could be a substitute fog horn. She told me to get sleep. HA!!! Baby business as usual.


1AM, 3AM, 5AM and 7AM - I saw all of those last night. I don't know who was grumpier going to my physical therapy appointment this morning - me or Kyle. He cried in the car, he cried as I checked in, he screamed as the therapist rubbed an icy-hot type cream into my arm (those fumes are pretty potent!). He screamed as the PT torqued my arm, making my elbow flex and extend into the final degrees of motion AND pain. His plug worked for a few minutes, but the wails echoed throughout the Healthsouth office. What's a mommy to do? He was fed. He was dry. Nothing was poking, biting, or impaling him. I was very indisposed for 90 minutes. Those minutes are expensive, so I must use them wisely. Kyle had to scream. I felt bad for everyone else in the building. Amazingly, no one complained, they were all very nice. Some even thought it was cute!???? (Someone explain THAT one to me!)

Nonetheless, there is much fatigue in mommyland today. I don't know how in the world I'm ever gonna get over my bronchitis with so little sleep. Kyle has me going all day and all night. No breaks for this momma.

Today I feel the abrasions of the litter particles and boy can I ever smell the poop - or is that Kyle?

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