Monday, April 03, 2006

Contemplations of a 1st time G-ma

(As I promised... my mom),Grandma!---I wondered what it would be like to be called that name; would it make me feel old?-I already feel old - but the minute I got a look at my first grandchild, all the reservations I harbored melted in a puddle.

To see the minature miracle that God has provided made all the feelings of "oldness" take a back seat. In fact, the two weeks that I spent with my new grandson brought back many memories that I had long since forgotten. I actually feel younger, very tired but younger!

Many things have changed in the thirty odd years since my girls were babies-the biggest hurdle I had to cross was laying the baby on his back ( a big no no thirty years ago). All in all it has been a wonderful two week experience and it is going to be difficult going back to Pennsylvania.

Kyle Robert has a wonderful Daddy and Mommy and the Bear Valley Church family is amazing. My consulation about being so far away is knowing that between his parents and his church family, he will grow up learning all there is to know about the Lord and I have dreams that someday he will serve Him in an amazing way. Praise God for His special treasure!

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Joe said...

Thanks for sharing G-ma's experience here. How neat it will be to watch as he gets older and develops his personality. What a nice dedication it was yesterday!!