Friday, January 02, 2009

Homeless teen blogs her journey

If you don't read suspense author, Brandilyn Collins' blog, take a hop on over.

One of Brandilyn's rabid readers (hmmm, that sounds like a facebook group name) lost her home and is living in her car with her 16 year old daughter. The woman may have a job possibility, but it requires a permanent address! I swear our system is so contrarian. Get a job to pay for a place to live. To have a job you have to have a place to live.

Brandilyn is taking donations on her PayPal account for this family. They are fellow beleivers and need help. I wish I could give $$, but my family is only a hair's width away from being where they are. What I can do, is make the need known among my group of readers.

To read Katy's blog (the 16 year old) go here.

Should you decide to help, let Brandilyn know you're a Litterbox reader! It will be interesting to see how the word spreads. Also, if you blog, link to Brandilyn's blog and to Katy's blog as well.

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