Saturday, January 03, 2009

Tinker Toys: Girls vs. Boys

Something struck me this Christmas while my family lay scattered on the floor amidst a pile of Tinker Toys. What I was building was not even close to being in league with what my husband John was building. Then, add the element of Booger interest. Booger showed zero interest in my creations, but couldn't keep his tiny little fingers off of John's.

Clearly, boys and girls approach Tinker Toys in very different ways.

Blogger won't let me move my pictures and put captions. Grrrr. John's is the one with the wheels. It's a Uranusian Crater Rover, designed to explore the uncharted surfaces of Uranus.

I made the Snorkleblatt, Tinker Woman and Thing-a-ma-jiggy. Mine took about five minutes each. John spent four to six hours trying to perfect and Booger-proof his design.


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