Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tedd Dekker rocks.

Dekker writes some of the twisty-turniest novels on the shelves or in your Kindle if you've gone e.

I think his masterful use of story and allegory rival Tolkein and Lewis in his own genre. Check out his Circle Trilogy.

Anyway, if you're up for an interesting read, take this link to Ted's blog. This entry is titled, "The challenge of being gay". I won't say anymore about it b/c that would ruin the point he's making.

Writers especially -take time to read this.


WordVixen said...

I followed your link to it on Twitter. And, yeah. :-D

Did you see the comment by "Kevin"? "Blithe believer". Cracked me up. Made me think of Shakespeare's "Be you blithe and bonny".

Shauna said...

I pick up maybe 5 to 6 books a year to read, but I got a copy of Kiss by Ted Dekker and Erin Healy. It is I have to say a great read. Dekker’s work is always good but with first time author Healy, this book is outstanding. I had to make myself put it down because I was not doing any work at my office (I was getting stares from my coworkers).

Publisher’s Weekly sums it up like this:
Master of evangelical Christian suspense, Dekker (Thr3e; Blink; Skin) joins first-time author Healy in this thriller, no less fast-moving than the Christy Award–winning author's solo prose, but also more gripping as it plunges into the life of a woman with frayed and painful family relationships. When a tragic auto accident leaves Shauna McAllister's brother brain-damaged and erases her recent memories, she discovers she has a paranormal ability to steal memories from others, a capability that will either get her killed or unveil hidden sides of the very people she thought she could trust. Against this background, she attempts to uncover the ugly truth about her father's dark secrets and to upend his run for president of the United States. True to Dekker's penchant for twists that keep you guessing till the very last page, Kiss also attempts to return to snappier dialogue and more logical plotting than Skin. A psychological suspense thriller that shines light into black-market child trafficking, Dekker's latest will satisfy Christian fiction lovers who want complex characters and who believe in the stark realities of true good and heinous evil. http://www.thelostkiss.com/buzz

Michele Cushatt said...

Good read...thanks for posting the link on your blog, Darcie!