Thursday, January 22, 2009

If you Digg, you'll find some treasure

I've recently discovered an information site on which writers can post blogs and articles and what not then hope readers "digg" their stuff.

Reading and "digging" other writer's stuff helps you get noticed. is a tool to drive traffic to your webpages.

For example, I found this article on Yarnbombing. I found it on digg and "digged" it.

If you do go on digg, find me, befriend me and digg my articles. Hope to see you on there too!


Kay Day said...

I couldn't figure it out. Maybe another day I will be brighter.

But on my blog roll it says, Joy in the Litter Box, If you Digg, you'll find some treasure.


Jan Parrish said...

There are so many things online to do. I think I'm on this but would have to check. I'll check it out soon. Thanks for keeping us updated.