Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm crawling all over the web

I just started working as an Examiner for Denver. What is that, you ask? What am I examining? is an information site customized to a geographic location. On the Denver site, there are continual articles and feeds of entertainment news, heath issues, skiing article, and now my journalistic and adventuresome love of anything outdoors. I am the Outdoor Recreation Examiner.

I must submit four articles each week on anything outdoors that Denverites will find interesting. I get paid by traffic through my page, and comments etc. You can subscribe to my examiner feed by going to my site. It's free!

When my article goes up, I'll post the addy for it.

Also, I've started selling AVON and have my own website. AVON is doing well in these tight times b/c their products are reasonably priced. Some are priced lower than Wal-Mart! Soon, I'll do a post to show a comparison.

Ongoing medical expenses pushed us against the wall. My health costs more than we make currently, so I'm trying to do everything I can to bring in some extra $$.

Ever hear of It's a networking site for short articles on the web. Writers submit a post from a blog or other internet source, then people read it and if they like it, they digg it. Articles with the most diggs, get moved to the front of the line. to read the full article, readers are directed to your site which in turn icreases your traffic.

Digg, Facebook, Twitter, Examiner, Blogspot, AVON... I'm spreding. Come with!

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Terri Tiffany said...

Thanks for passing that information along!! I hope you get lots of reads!:)